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The Importance of Data Protection Consulting

The importance of Data Protection Consulting has probably never been at its all time high as it is today. In the past, many businesses seem to forego professional consultancy when it comes to data protection. But with the new data protection regulations that are soon to be implemented, businesses facing the risk of monetary sanctions should they fail to comply to said regulations and fulfill their legal responsibilities. Learn how the new regulations can affect your business and how data protection consultancy may help you in the process.

Data Protection Law is the new draft set to replace its predecessor which was previously known as Data Protection Directive. Unlike its Directive counterpart, the new regulation is directly applicable to all members of the European Union and foreign entity which uses or holds European personal data regardless of whether or not they are within the Union. While it’s true that the regulation will not be enforced until 2018, it’s important for businesses to gear up towards the changes and act accordingly. Aims to protect personal data which belongs to EU citizens, the regulation also comes with severe penalties should a business fails to protect the data. The serious implication of data breach may force a business to hand over as much as 4% of its global annual-turnover. Hence, the importance of data protection consultants. With their expertise, businesses may get the following benefits:

  • Being able to better understand the new regulation as you are provided with not only insights from the experts, but also the solutions for possible issues that may arise in the future.
  • Getting expert advice on the best practice to use in order to achieve as well as to maintain your compliance to the standards of the new data protection.

·         Knowing the best measures to implement in preparation for the new regulation which is set to be fully applicable in a year.